Treat Root Causes of Eczema - Not Just Symptoms

Australia's first patented non-steroid skincare treatment for eczema

Curezma understands that eczema isn't just skin deep, it affects your whole life. But we know you are more than your eczema.

You are a warrior, a fighter, and a survivor. Reclaim your life, eczema warriors.

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Our Story

Jai and Aditi know firsthand the pain of seeing a child suffer from eczema. They were inspired to create Curezma, Australia's first patented non-steroid skincare treatment for eczema that works as effectively as corticosteroids, after years of watching their own daughter and friends' children suffer without effective solutions.

As a cosmeceutical scientist and business partner, Aditi and Jai dedicated over three years to developing a solution that not only relieves symptoms but addresses the root cause of eczema. They have developed Curezma to bring relief and renewed hope to families affected by eczema.

Share your story with Jai and Aditi and be part of this journey to reclaim your lives and the lives of your loved ones

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The Curezma Difference

Treat eczema's root cause, not
just symptoms.

Steroid-free and effective for your baby.

Driven by emotion, led by science.

Clinical Trials Summary

To prove the safety and efficacy of our product range we put the Curezma regime through the largest ever clinical trials conducted for an Australian brand within over-the-counter (OTC) and Skincare Industry.

Researchers at Princeton (PCR -UK) recorded the following ground-breaking results:

^Based on clinical trials for Curezma® Anti Flare Oil as a stand-alone product.

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Treat eczema's root cause, not just symptoms.

Are you tired of eczema getting in the way of your everyday tasks like showering or getting dressed? We get it. You've tried every product out there but nothing seems to work.

That's why we developed Curezma. Unlike other products, our clinically-proven patented formula doesn't just mask symptoms but addresses the root causes of eczema.

In as little as five days, Curezma repairs your skin barrier and locks in moisture for 100 hours, so you can enjoy healthy, nourished skin. Break free from the cycle of frustration and start living your best life with Curezma.

Steroid-free & effective for your baby.

We feel your pain as parents when it comes to finding a treatment for your child's eczema. You're tired of trying product after product with no luck and possibly putting harmful steroids on their skin.

Enter Curezma - a non-steroid patented skincare that works wonders for eczema, even in babies.

Curezma has gone through the largest clinical trials in Australia, proving its effectiveness is on par with corticosteroids - but without any harmful side effects. Give your baby's delicate skin the best and safest care possible with Curezma.

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Driven by emotion, led by science.

Curezma was born from a passion and drive to improve the quality of life of eczema warriors. Our vision is to create a world where eczema warriors can live their lives fully, free from the discomfort and limitations of eczema.

Through our own personal journey, we understand the impact that eczema can have on your life. That's why our patented skincare range has undergone over three years of rigorous research and development. Curezma offers immediate relief and long-term healing, making it the unrivalled over-the-counter solution for all types of eczema.

We believe that when eczema is treated effectively, it's empowering. We want you to have the freedom to do all the things you thought were out of reach. We want you to reclaim your life!

Don't trust us, trust the largest independent clinical trials in Australia

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